2013 Trail of the Dead - Downtown Cedar Rapids Zombie Bar Crawl

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Dress like you're already dead! (Drink like a fish?) 
Looking forward to seeing you (dead) --marcus

Info Updated as of 10/4/2013:
Saturday, October 12th, 2013.
6:00-6:30 p.m., Meet at the south Corner of Greene Square Park
Commence to Dublin City Pub at 6:45 p.m.
Route :
7 p.m. - Dublin City Pub
8 p.m. - Stella's
9 p.m. - Brick's
10 p.m. - Jersey's
11 p.m. - Red's Public House
(La Cantina has been contacted about providing specials too)

Doesn't have to be "fancy!" I encourage you to go-all-out, but if you're on a time & $$ budget, rip up some old clothes and roll around on the ground in some leaves and walk thru some cobwebs and you're good-to-go.

Drink Specials (for those Dressed as Zombies):
unless otherwise specified, these prices are only during our designated bar-stop hour.
Dublin City Pub - $2 Draft Pints! Includes imports and ciders - thanks Connie & Matt
Stella's - $4 Jager Bombs / $2.50 Domestic 12 oz Bottles - thanks John, Jason, & Kory. Congrats on getting married too.
Brick's - 2-for-1 (the normal happy hour special - has normal exclusions) - thanks Adam
Jersey's - $5 Beer-and-a-Bomb (i.e. the beer is free) - thanks Tory
Red's Public House - $4 Cherry Bombs / 2.50 Domestic 12 oz bottles -  thanks again J,J&K.

Essentially, dress like a zombie, act like a zombie, party like a zombie...
We will all "Zombie March" together from bar to bar, starting 10-15 minutes before we should be at the next location.

For Your Inspiration:

Philly (Easter Zombie Crawl) -- Jenn, we should do this.

A few of use, last year: